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Mmoexp New World:Optimizing Acid Resistance

Greetings, fellow adventurers! In today's guide EA FC 24 Coins , we'll delve into the lucrative world of solo running Elite chest routes in Brimstone Sands, a region known for its abundant opportunities to amass gold and the coveted Dark Matter. If you've been following my previous videos, you might recall our exploration of Legian Wilds' Elite chest routes. Today, we're shifting our focus to the equally rewarding Brimstone Sands.

Brimstone Sands: A Lucrative Ground for Solo Runs

Unlike other regions, Brimstone Sands offers a plethora of high-level chests, with glyph chests and Elite grave offerings taking center stage. These chests not only yield various valuable items but also have a chance of rewarding you with Dark Matter – a resource highly sought after in the New World. The best part? Brimstone Sands is accessible to all players, regardless of whether they've purchased the expansion or not.

Glyph Chests and Elite Grave Offerings: The Essentials

Before you embark on your solo journey, it's crucial to understand the distinction between glyph chests and Elite grave offerings. Glyph chests are identifiable by their blue icons, and to open them solo, you must collect all 26 glyphs scattered across Brimstone Sands. Check your documents section to track your progress and collect any missing glyphs. If the glyph-hunting game isn't your style, fear not – other players can unlock these chests for you.

Acid Resistance: A Key to Survival

Many Elite chests are situated in acid pools, posing a threat to unprepared adventurers. However, with a bit of strategic thinking, you can navigate these hazardous areas without specialized gear. While acid-resistant gear and potions can enhance your survivability, the basic strategy involves swift chest opening, a timely retreat from the acid, and defeating the spawned monster. Melee players should be cautious of getting pulled back into the acid, while ranged characters can maintain a safe distance.

Optimizing Acid Resistance: Tips and Tricks

To optimize your acid resistance, consider equipping luck gear and using luck-boosting consumables if you're flagged for PvP. For a more budget-friendly approach, you can insert chit paddings into your gear's gem slots. Alternatively, powerful incense potions, costing around 20 gold each, provide extended acid resistance. While this option incurs an initial investment, the long-term efficiency makes it a worthwhile consideration.

Mastering Chest Interactions: Chest Jumping and Loot Optimization

To further refine your solo runs, master the art of jumping cheap EA FC Coins onto chests during interaction. This skill significantly delays acid damage, providing you with more time to retrieve your loot. While it takes practice to perfect this technique, the benefits are well worth the effort. Additionally, consider looting chests strategically, especially when wearing luck gear and using luck-boosting consumables.

Elite Chest Run Routes: A Comprehensive Guide

Brimstone Sands presents a myriad of Elite chest locations, conveniently grouped near fast travel points. This layout allows for flexible runs, letting you tailor your route based on available time or personal preferences. Starting in the Northwest section, teleport to the Rock of Apotheosis and embark on a journey that includes Chests 1 to 12. Teleport to Worms' Sing Oblisk for Chests 7 to 9, and strategically plan your route through the remaining chests, making use of convenient fast travel points.

Challenging Areas and Group Runs:

Certain areas, like Castrum Principium, host challenging Elite chests, requiring group efforts. Solo players can sneak-grab some chests or skip these areas if necessary. The guide also outlines group-oriented routes, such as the Helio and Wall runs, where coordinating with other players significantly enhances efficiency. Keep an eye on recruitment chat for ongoing runs, ensuring a smoother and more profitable experience.

Loot Showcase and Profit Analysis:

As seen in the loot showcase, a single run yielded a diverse array of items, with a total value of approximately 2,000 gold. Despite encountering no high-value items in this particular run, the consistent profitability highlights the potential of daily solo Elite chest runs in Brimstone Sands. Dark Matter, a precious resource, also featured prominently, further contributing to the overall gains.

Embarking on daily solo Elite chest runs in Brimstone Sands not only promises substantial gold gains but also provides a steady influx of Dark Matter. With strategic planning, acid resistance optimization, and efficient route execution, adventurers can master the art of solo runs, ensuring consistent success. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or a newcomer to New World, incorporating these runs into your daily routine promises bountiful rewards. So, gear up, sharpen your skills, and let the gold and Dark Matter flow in Aeternum!


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